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THIS IS WHAT I REALLY LIKE TO SEE! photo Dorte Bernro family , SKBTC


Ion- molécula  happy start 2007

Ion-playing with  his snack

2006 Pimpi and Gigolo in the garden, mother and son

Gigolo 2006

Ion, molécula electricamente

Puffito on mating trip in AVILA, La Cadiera(born 4 puppies-Leto, Lilu, Lolita and the first Manchachica)

Puffito in the bed reading a popular book about training a dog -but seriously


Belka,Miguel,and me in Budapest´s medieval restaurant,where  I was introduced  to little "Manchchica" -the second.!

Puffito like a small horse

Puffito  ,we love him, as he is

Chico , Gigi, Gigolo  at 6 years, happy and healthy , strong like a lion, summer frisure

Gigolo and me playing our games

Manchchica with Kati

Manchchica " a szeme se al jol!!!!!!

Independent Spirit with Kati Quido is beautiful and has a very good temperament

Puff  is always playing with his toys, this duck  I  won  at raffle on  N.Y.Long Island show 2005, where BB won Best of Winners and gain first points towards American Championship

Belka, Miguel and me at Kosice restaurant Le Colonial

Katika, Belka,Imre and Miguel at Dinnyesvarosi,maybe I was joking?We had a great time!

Bibi as a youngster on the way by train , she enjoyed...

Rezultati 2006
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